Adreset - Testimonial

"My acupuncturist recommended this product to me because she said that my kidney energy was low. I noticed a difference in about a week, taking 2 tablets per day. My energy level went way up and stayed level throughout the day. I am 55 years old and work more than full time. I would recommend this product. I know I will not be caught without it."

- By L. H. Stever on October 25, 2012


"So far this is the best product that I've tried for adrenal fatigue. When I first began taking it, I noticed that I was craving salt less, did not have my 2pm crash, and my digestion seemed to be much happier. I have been taking these for about three months, and all of this still holds true. Is it a cure? No. But it makes life much more manageable. I went from not being able to stay awake for seven hours straight to being able to function at work again! I'm curious to see if there's a difference in the next saliva test I take. I do notice dramatic differences in my fatigue when I have forgotten to take Adreset."

- By Kristen on August 3, 2012


"My naturopath advised I take this after my adrenal panel came back. I told her everyday I woke up and felt like I hadn't slept and the panel confirmed that's exactly how I felt. My levels were 1.5 out of 10 with an early evening spike of 2 and back down to 1. I would be dragging at work especially around 2 I would have an energy crash. After taking this for about 2 weeks I started to feel the results. My mind isnt cloudy, I have more energy but in a good way not like a bolt of energy that leaves me with a crash or depleted. My energy level is what I would consider normal and funtional for a female in her late 20s. I personally take one with breakfast and 2 with lunch and find that to be the right balance foe me."

- By Amazon Customer on December 28, 2013


"This product has helped when I get that debilitating tired feeling. Also seems to ease the pain. Highly recommend this to all fibro folks out there."

- By Jill Sandberg on March 21, 2014


"A friend recommended Adreset because I have overactive adrenaline glands. It took a few weeks for me to notice a difference, but my adrenal glands have seemed to calm down significantly since I began taking them. Unfortunately, I just ran out and need to order more ASAP! I'm very happy to have discovered there is a product out there that takes care of this problem."

- By Rene Bellis on July 27, 2012